ID Name Model Date Status
1 Christoper Sharp R-115SW 2020-12-19Waiting
2 Marc B R-115SW 2020-12-21Waiting For Arrival
3 Justin Baustert JBL S412P (x2) 2020-12-21Waiting for parts
4 James Baird sunfire bob carver sig series 2020-12-22Waiting For Arrival
5 Darrell Gill Klipcsh RSA-500 2020-12-22Complete
6 Jeremy Crawford Sub-12 2020-12-26Waiting For Arrival
7 Justin Odegaard RW12D 2020-12-28Waiting For Arrival
8 Uriel Godinez klipsch ksw-12 2020-12-28Waiting For Arrival
9 Brian Chen R-115SW 2020-12-28Complete
10 Kevin Mays Synergy 10” sub with bash amp 2020-12-28Waiting
11 Ahsan Riaz Klipsch R-12SWi and Klipsch R-112SW 2020-12-28Waiting
12 W V Walisko R-115SW 2020-12-29Waiting
13 Scott Laupan RT12-D 2020-12-30Waiting
14 Bryan Thompson RT 12 2021-01-04Waiting
15 TL Ingersoll RW 12D 2021-01-05Waiting For Arrival
16 Brad Westman R-115SW 2021-01-12Waiting
17 Parker Price RPW 10 2021-01-12Waiting
18 Mirek RW 10 2021-01-12Waiting
19 Peter Grant RSW 12 2021-01-16Waiting
20 Cash Klipsch RW12D 2021-01-18Waiting
21 Eric Vigil Sub12 2021-01-19Waiting
22 Richard Konieczski R-115SW 2021-01-22Waiting
23 Nick Forbes RPW-10 2021-01-25Waiting
24 Karl Zundel Klipsch RT10 120V 2021-01-26Waiting
25 David Reid R-115SW 2021-01-27Waiting
26 Matthew Miranda RW-12D 2021-01-29Waiting
27 Michael Bugg Klipsch RT-10D 2021-01-30Waiting
28 Bob Mankarious RT-12 2021-01-30Waiting
29 Jon Phelps Klipsch SW10 II 2021-01-31Waiting
30 stan blalock Klipsch Sub 10 120v 2021-02-01Waiting
31 Justin Coleff Klipsch Sub10 120v 2021-02-03Waiting
32 Ray Joy Klipsch R-115SW 2021-02-06Waiting
33 Keith Pratz Klipsch Sw-310 2021-02-07Waiting
34 JB Strassweg Klipsch Sub10 120V 2021-02-09Waiting
35 Jake Miner Carver True Signature subwoofer 2021-02-10Waiting
36 Ricky Mendoza KLIPSCH R-112-SW 2021-02-13Waiting
37 Christos Papageorgiou Klipsch R-115sw 2021-02-14Waiting
38 Michael Gray Sub-10 2021-02-14Waiting
39 Zach Collins R115SW 2021-02-18Waiting
40 Adam Childs R-112SW 2021-02-20Waiting
41 Aaron Jenkins R-115SW 2021-02-20Waiting
42 Erik Lehrbach R-115SW 15\" 2021-02-20Waiting
43 Kevin Schmidt R115SW (2) 2021-02-22Waiting
44 Martin Blanchette R115SW 2021-02-23Waiting
45 James Gonzales KSW 12 2021-02-24Waiting
46 Robert Foote RT-10d 2021-02-25Waiting
47 Dan PS1400 2021-02-25Waiting
48 Brian Alexander RW-10d 2021-02-26Waiting
49 steve brammier sub 10 2021-03-03Waiting
50 Travis Williams RS12 2021-03-09Waiting
51 Tony Chiaramonte Klipsch Promedia Ultra 5.1 2021-03-09Waiting
52 Martin McCamy R112-SW 2021-03-14Waiting
53 David Gilbert Sun fire True JR 2021-03-14Waiting
54 Andreas Eidsaa RT-12D 2021-03-17Waiting
55 Kevin Augustine Klipsch R-115-SW 2021-03-19Waiting
56 Cody Miller RPW-10 2021-03-19Waiting
57 Tola Odusanya Bash 1000W 2021-03-20Waiting
58 Mark Gutowski RW10D 2021-03-22Waiting
59 Craig Charchan Klipsch RSW 12/15 AMP Part #118571 Bash Amp Blows fuses.. 2021-03-24Waiting
60 David Anderson Klipsch Sub 10 2021-03-30Waiting
61 Ron Flores R-112SW 2021-03-31Waiting
62 Colin Stanley R-115SW 2021-04-01Waiting
63 Joshua Plouffe Joshua Plouffe 2021-04-01Waiting
64 Lance M Sub-10 2021-04-01Waiting
65 Everardo Martinez Chavez Klipsch R-115SW 2021-04-02Waiting
66 Jason Creager RSW12 2021-04-04Waiting
67 Christopher Fisher Klipsch R-115SW NA 2021-04-04Waiting
68 Ben Reed R-115 SW (x 2 amp panels) 2021-04-10Waiting
69 Erick Rivera R-115SW 2021-04-13Waiting
70 Samantha Schou Klipsch R-115 SW 2021-04-13Waiting
71 oljames Salnave R-115SW 2021-04-21Waiting
72 Lance boudreaux R-112SW 2021-04-24Waiting
73 Marco Gregoire R-112SW 2021-05-01Waiting
74 John Kurzhals SW-112 SUBWOOFER 2021-05-02Waiting
75 Isaac Macias Klipsch r-115sw 2021-05-02Waiting
76 Christian Nastor SUB 12 2021-05-04Waiting
77 Scott Berens Klipsch R-112SW 2021-05-04Waiting
78 Carlos Roland Klipsch R112-SW 2021-05-05Waiting
79 Earl Mohler Klipsch R-112SW 2021-05-22Waiting
80 Tom Sharpe Klipsch R-112SW 2021-05-23Waiting
81 James Turnbough R-115sw 2021-06-05Waiting
82 Vinnie Jackson (2) Klipsch Synergy Sub 12’s 2021-07-12Waiting
83 Joshua Hankinson RW-12 2021-07-15Waiting
84 Eric Ireland R112-sw 2021-07-18Waiting
85 George Sherwood R-115SW 2021-08-06Waiting
86 Nate N Klipsch R112-SW 2021-08-30Waiting
87 Feliks Sunfire True 12” subwoofer 2021-10-21Waiting
88 Jeremy Carpenter R-115SW 2021-10-24Waiting
89 CRIS Energy S12.3 2021-11-25Waiting
90 Gragert John R-115Sw 2021-11-29Waiting
91 Josh Sharp R-115SW 2021-11-30Waiting
92 Chris J RW-12D 2022-01-05Waiting
93 Brian R. Klipsch RPW-10 - Subwoofer 2022-01-06Waiting
94 S Holt RSW 15 2022-01-17Waiting
95 HADLEY FOSTER R-112SW 2022-01-26Waiting
96 James Montana Klipsch Sub10 120V 2022-02-02Waiting
97 Kristofer Woolsey Klipsch R-112SW 2022-02-25Waiting
98 Glen Golden Klipsch Sub-10 2022-03-01Waiting
99 Michael Lago Klipsch RW-10 2022-03-05Waiting
100 Jeff Wolshon Klipsch R-115SW 2022-03-27Waiting
101 Herman Washington Klipsch Synergy Sub-12 2022-05-17Waiting
102 James Rhew Synergy Sub-12 2022-05-18Waiting
103 Mark V Sunfire Super Junior 2022-05-21Waiting
104 Chris D Klipsch RSW-10D 2022-05-27Waiting
105 Juan Amaya 115sw 2022-06-27Waiting
106 Michael Holmes Klipsch R-115sw 2022-07-08Waiting
107 Peter Spoor Sub 10 amp 2022-07-14Waiting
108 K Williams 115SW 2022-07-31Waiting
109 Russ Owens R-115SW 2022-08-15Waiting
110 Sean Darby Klipsch Sub-12 2022-09-11Waiting
111 Jonathan L. RW-10d 2022-10-16Waiting
112 Kevin fish Rw12d 2022-10-16Waiting
113 Carl Klipsch Sub12 2022-12-06Waiting
114 Rollin weatherall R-115SW 2022-12-11Waiting
115 Michael Klipsch Synergy Sub-12 2022-12-21Waiting
116 Mark Lerch Klipsch R-115SW 2023-01-02Waiting
117 Roman P. R-115SW 2023-01-02Waiting
118 TC Klipsch Reference R-112SW 2023-01-10Waiting
119 A. Miller R-115SW 2023-01-12Waiting
120 Danny Brown R-112SW 2023-01-21Waiting
121 Rick cordon Klipsch rw12d 2023-02-01Waiting
122 Alex Timoschuk RSW 10D 2023-02-03Waiting
123 Bill L Klipsch R115-SW 2023-02-04Waiting
124 Frank Carter RT12d 2023-02-09Waiting
125 Kenneth K. Klipsch RSW 10d 2023-02-09Waiting
126 Paul G RSW-10D 2023-02-18Waiting
127 Stephen Cebe JBL S412P 2023-02-21Waiting
128 Courtney Flowers Kicker Hideaway HS8 2023-03-05Waiting
129 Jay SW112 2023-03-09Waiting
130 Joe burkhardt Hideaway 8inch 2023-03-29Waiting
131 Donald Jordan 11HS8 2023-04-07Waiting
132 Josh Barrier Klipsh R-115SW 2023-04-24Waiting
133 Bowe Petruljevic Sw-450 2023-05-09Waiting
134 Noah Klipsch Rsw-15 2023-06-15Waiting
135 Jeremy Klipsch SUB-12 2023-07-08Waiting
136 Shed Klipsch RSW10D 2023-07-19Waiting
137 Nathan McCracken Klipsch R-112SW 2023-09-18Waiting
138 Freddy noblecilla Klipsch sub-12 2023-09-20Waiting
139 Mike Z KSW12 2023-09-21Waiting
140 Marvin Jones Klipsch synergy 12inch. 2023-10-07Waiting
141 Scott RT10 2023-10-24Waiting
142 Adam Smith SUB-10 2023-12-04Waiting
ID Name Model Date Status