I have been repairing subwoofer amps for about 15 years as a hobby. I have decided to start blogging my repairs and eventually do videos of each one. This is intended to be a blog and a resource for information. I will try to answer repair questions as best I can. Comments and tips are also welcome, If you do not have the experience or the tools, PLEASE do not attempt any of these repairs. You will only end up damaging the board and it will end up costing more for a tech to repair the damage. If you do not have a high quality vacuum desoldering station (Hakko or Weller) and a current limited mains supply, you should not be working on these amps.

These subwoofers do not have any user serviceable parts inside. If you open up the sub or attempt any repair you see in this video, you are doing so at your own risk!!!


I have several threads with pictures and custom schematics to assist you with your repair. Original schematics do exist for some models. The ones that do are easy to find and readily available on the forums. I will not provide them. Please do not ask.

I do accept repairs on a limited first come first serve basis. I am working on a website with a waiting list to simplify this process.

Desoldering – Weller WRS 1002 with DXV 80 (Must Have)
Soldering – Hakko FP-101
Hot Air – Yihua 8508D

FPV cam: Logitech HD Webcam C615
Overhead cam: Logitech PTZ PRO

Leave a tip if I’ve helped you out:
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